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Content Delivery Network


Content Delivery Network

Edge und Content Caching by Hostway.

To be able to deliver especially static contents of highly frequented sites optimally, our so-called Content Delivery Networks is conducted: In so doing, contents are allocated onto multiple servers, which are conducted as Proxy-Gateways with caching functions. Therefore, these contents are on hand of a server network that forwards web requests via load balancing. This guarantees the realization of ideal delivery times and also avoids shortages.

Edge Caching

The solution for portals and sites with international audience.

You are conducting a portal or offer e.g. downloadable software that needs to be available for users worldwide? Use our Edge-Caching to guarantee a global presence without greater latency periods. Our CDN is equipped with multiple server nodes in Europe, North America and Asia. The request is answered from the server node that delivers an ideal response time.

Content Caching

Scalable, efficient delivery for German-speaking sites

If you are mainly confronted with German-speaking users, an international server presence is not needed. However, you cqn benefit from our Content Caching and the acceleration of your web contents (HTTP Accelleration) through a load balanced Content Caching Network at our German location.

The setup of the specific caching and delivery parameters is ensued in close consultation with you. By the way, you can test our Edge Caching for 7 days for free. Contact us!

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